SMS (some meaningless sayings) flowing through Pakistan

istock_sms.jpg Cellular companies in Pakistan allow their customers to send unlimited text messages since a while now. It has now become a custom to greet your contacts via SMS either its morning wish or a good night message. One can have a package of unlimited SMS daily or for the whole month, at affordable rates. So it has been a huge writing and sending of thoughts on regular basis. From economy to government and sports to culture they almost cover all comings and goings around. I don’t know precisely who is in the wake of their creation but they are circulated like wild fire. Probably it is the easiest way to be in touch now days. There are many website created for content of these messages and they had a huge traffic also.

Recently, Ahmed Faraz, a great poet, was bashed through SMS. People made fun of him that after every funny line they added Faraz and pass it on. Some times it was unbearable as I am a fan of his poetry. People sometimes become dishonorable too. Although they are enjoyable but those who haven’t been familiar with his poetry may think that what kind of poetry he wrote? Here is an example.

Aiport pe kharay hain dus jahaz,
Ek ka pilot hai faraz.

Another famous personality on this service is Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. Too many jokes are being cracked about him these days. The famous one is the meaning of his name.

ZAR means DOLAT,
I means MAIN,
Yani ZARDARI= saari dolat mere darwazay pe.

Have a look at the second most circulated message so far. I must admit I enjoyed it.

Tumahri kamyaabi k rastay main sab se bari rukawat tumhari biwi hai.
(Asif Ali Zardari)

Above personalities and messages are based on my survey of hundreds of youngsters from age group 14 to 25. There are some messages about President which contains the kind of language that I am unable to post here.

When I had a conversation with one of the representative at customer care center of a cellular company he told me that they don’t keep the record of sent SMS as content but only the number of text messages is recorded. In my opinion many students and youngsters are wasting their time by using this service. There must be a check or limit on this service to make our youth redirect towards constructive work.

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  1. hahahaha.
    mujhe hansi aa rahi hai tum jasiy logo pe. baray aye sms off krany wale.
    sms karne k kitny fide hain tum kiya janoo.
    hamesha negative he sochna.
    kitni information bharti hai sms say. pata hai y anhi


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