Smoking is illegal at Public places

No Smoking on Public Places

An anti-smoking media campaign has been promulgating in the country to discourage smoking in public places by health ministry and Government of Pakistan. People have been urged to help ensure the implementation which includes measures to stop people from smoking at public places. The advertisement in leading newspapers today includes guide lines about the new health instruction to be printed on cigarette cases.

The older one was ” Smoking is injurious to health” which would be replaced from 1st July with ” Protect children. Don’t let them breathe your smoke”

Specially designated places for smokers are also removed from public places. Complete ban is imposed in places like restaurants, sheesha bars, airport lounges, buses, railway stations, offices, club, stadium, all educational institutes, hospitals, dispensaries and public transport. The penalty for violation is up to Rs100, 000 or 3 months imprisonment. Almost everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is a deadly habit but tobacco companies still spend millions on advertising and promoting cigarettes.

We are living in Pakistan where breaking laws is the norm. In addition, there is a scarcity of law-enforcing personnel. One shouldn’t expect everyone to stub out just because a regulation has been imposed. It is a process that involves educating people along the way Public support for smoking ban urged.

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