Slimming Centers

In every newspaper, we find a number of advertisements of different slimming centers, promising weight loss in weeks, without any exercise or medicine. While some of them are offering weight loss by the means of liposuction and tummy tucking in just few hours. In the last few years, a large number of these centers have opened all over the country.

These slimming centers are always over crowded by over weight people. The basic trick used by these slimming centers is that they simply give to their clients; the diet charts eliminating all the fatty contents from their food and focusing on salads and fibers. They simply tell their clients to reduce the quantity of their food, which they take in their meal. Not only has this but they also made their clients realize that are not recommending any kind of exercise to them. This result in weight loss temporarily, and when the quantity of food recommended by these centers is changed, weight is rapidly gained again.

The question, which should be answered, is that is there any need to join these centers. The answer to this question is “NO” because we can better judge what we should eat and what we shouldn’t; media and science has made us aware of the fact that high calorie food is injurious to health and simply cutting down the quantity of food does not ensure healthy diet but it generate deficiencies and make the body weak. There is need of cutting down the consumption of soft drinks and increasing the use of salads (without mayonnaise) and fibers. Exercising for the whole day and taking pizzas, creamy pastas or burgers is again useless; however, they can be taken rarely. Quantity of sugar taken should be reduced but not totally eliminated as medical science has proved that eliminating sugar out of the diet results in lowering the level of sugar in the blood, which again welcomes many diseases. Exercise is also must as it prepares the body to fight against many diseases and keeps it fit.

Therefore there is a need of taking a balanced and healthy diet consisting of minerals, fibers, proteins, fats and vitamins; rather than spending extravagantly in these centers.

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  1. I agree with Dr. Waqas ahmed to an extent about the malpractices in these centers, but it should be clear that diet alongwith exercise helps in reducing weight. I myself m a Nutritionist and have been practising it.

  2. Dear Miss Annie
    im very much surprised to know that u are so authoritatively writing about a thing u have absolutely no idea about it. Honestly, im as much against these SLIMMING CENTRES as u are, may be more than u.But in good fairness we should have a good knowledge before commenting on a thing. I have been very closely watching these centres since some of my patients had suffered quite a lot because of this malpractice. Why i call it so because they are misusing the developments of science in a place where they themselves are not very much informed about.Although exact lab test will reveal what they use for rapid wt loss but considering effects and side effects the inly possible item they use is either DEXAMPHITAMINE or METHY PHENTOLAMINE both of which are neuro stimulants used for NARCOLEPSY which also have the effect of causing wt loss but the real problem with them is rebound obesity for which they have been forbidden in clinical practice by FDA. thanx and plz forgive if my comments were harsh but rest assure there was no personal grudge in it

  3. i just want to ask that my wife has problem in foot she cant walk any other way of reducing the weight .one problem is she cant cut the food


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