Sketching Persistence

All you out there who like to sketch and have a hobby to draw in their spare time can utilize these tips and make an amazingly realistic picture with sensible outcome. Life sketching is a hard thing to do but keeping in mind these following tips one can easily makes a realistic picture.

1. The first and most important tip is when you are drawing; draw from a good reference make sure that the photo is big and clear.
2. Choose a subject that is interesting to you. If you are not interested in what you are drawing, you won’t be able to do good job on it.
3. Always begin your drawing with your outline whether you use a grid method or do it by eye, make sure you are accurate.
4. Avoid finer detail till later. Don’t get jammed up in working on minute details at this point.
5. Then start to divide the light from the shadows. Hit the center shadow outline hard then make different value difference between light and shadow.
6. Then go over it with a towel or cotton balls. Never let your skin come in contact with the paper instead use a piece of tissue paper under your drawing hand or a glove to help you avoid this.
7. Try and hit the shadow hard and then after you have gone over with a towel remove out some highlights and make the center shadow darker.
8. Start adding the finer details to your drawing.
9. Blend in light spots and identify the highlights in your subject’s hair. A very beginner mistake is to draw each and every strand of hair. Hair needs to be treated as a mass. Remember this and your hair will turn out more realistic than ever before.
10. Last but not least. in the end of the drawing you can see messy patches all over the paper. Well this happens while working with graphite; so use a press eraser to lift these.

Take your time with your drawings and you will initiate to see that these techniques can be actually valuable. Anyone can learn to draw; it takes some persistence and enthusiasm.

2 thoughts on “Sketching Persistence”

  1. Mashallah — very nice….

    im the son of an artist so these all sound familiar….its all about freeing the mind and expressing the ‘inner and outer’

    i do wish the Mullahs and others would encourage art….not call it anti-‘Islamic’ (while they blow up schools and bomb cities)


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