Sir John Menard

Sir John Menard was the Establishment Officer Gujrat. He used to have two ink pots on his table: personal for writing letters to his family and friends back home in England and the other for official work.

He was engaged in preparing revenue schedule for next 40 years. Going out of home and office for work was very hectic and tiring. One evening his Sikh orderly insisted on messaging his feet. While doing that the orderly said, “Sir, a glass of hot milk can refresh you.”

Sir John answered, “But there is no milk at home. Where should I buy milk from at this time of night?” I will bring the milk he volunteered and went out with a quarter rupee. After some time he was back with a glass of milk.

Hidden near the bungalow of Sir John Menard lot of milk was available. Farmer used to bring pots and pots of milk for the clerical staff of Sir John Menard thinking that the revenue which they have to pay for next 40 years is to being levied by those clerks and they should favour them out of the way.

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