Sins affecting education

When a person does not have the afterlife in front of them, they will try to indulge in pleasures without any sense of morality, right or wrong. This is not just a problem in the West, but Muslims are also following suit, and it is only resulting in problems.

I don’t need to tell you how education is a joke in the West, but for Muslims who are trying their best to make pleasures their purpose of life are also suffering. To begin with, they don’t devote time to studying, and there are always the famous quarrels and arguments at home, where parents tell the kid to study and he doesn’t, because he always has something on his mind.

It’s always T.V., right after T.V. its music, then the girlfriend, the parties, and I can say with some certainty, drugs and alcohol, and I’m talking about Muslims.

Muslims are too busy fornicating to know that they actually have to get an education. Education is serious business today. Competition is wild. Religious boys and girls seem to do a lot better. It’s because they pray and the rest of the time they study. They may be called nerds once in a while, but that is only by jealous people, losers I should say, who have been too busy masturbating to realize that the so called nerd is actually making excellent use of his religious and worldly life.

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