Sinking Karachi

30 people died, many more will die due to lack of medical treatment.

Insecurity our biggest problem – MQM one of the causes.

We all saw the ugly faces of the so called Mohajirs political party.The ugly planned game played on the streets of Karachi.

AAJ TV being attacked, absence of security agencies, army, rangers, police…

It’s all a game, a bloody game which had to be played with the lives of Karachites. It had been long we did not have any bomb blast in the city, no mass killing took place and these MQM-ers had an urge to do so. The day was seelected with a purpose.

Shameless is becoming the puppet government just like the law enforcing agencies and just like these blood sucker- MQM-ers.

If it’s the PM or the President there are convoys of protocol and when it is a question of security of the citizens, the police disappears! (Or is made to disappear, who knows may be the policemen would also be in the rally shouting “Jiye mutahida”)

Media- AAh! reveal the truth, we will kill you. Show us as innocents. (MQM policy) Mushy has lost its respect mainly due to media. That man is no more an army-man. He’s become a politician. They way he was saying “awam ki hukumat hay. Awam sab kuch hay” manipulating with words, fooling the public.It was “AWAM” that got killed, it was awam that had a tough time today while there was no one to secure them.

What happened with AAJ TV today is a slap on our government’s face. Unfortunately the government has become so used to these slaps that it urges for one after another to keep teh shameless game going on.

Karachi lost today. Karachi sank.

Allah, save us. Save our beloved city Karachi. Help us getting rid of these bloody killers. Give us peace, tranquility and secure our lives and virtues.


3 thoughts on “Sinking Karachi”

  1. Friends, I would like to know the following and living outside Pakistan, would appreciate your feedback:

    1. If a Chief Justice is charged with misconduct, how does the law deal it in Pakisan?
    2. Should the CJ not go to court and defend himself against allegations of misconduct if he has nothing to hide?
    3. Can the President, under present law, suspend the CJ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. It was all pre-planned and it was so obvious. They played this bloody game with the lives of karachiites, sad!
    And now this strike… it’s the people who suffer not government. God bless us and the souls of departed. Amen!


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