Sindh High Court directs PTA to remove obscene stuff

Sindh High Court has ordered PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to delete/block all uploaded stuff from Pakistan on YouTube, the world’s biggest video-sharing website, which is offensive to conventional standards of decency. The court directed to inform Chairman PTA that the Court would hold him personally responsible for failure to implement its order.

The decision came as a result of a petition filed by a grieved father that her daughter’s pictures has been fraudulently obtained from mobile phone of her younger brother, edited in form of a video with added objectionable features by the accused, who subsequently uploaded it on you tube. The accused wants to blackmail the girl to accept him as a friend. The fake video had ruined the life of the young girl, who had stopped going to college because of the harassment.

Petition was filed in the court for the reason that despite lodging complaints with the FIA and Cyber Crime unit neither had the accused been arrest nor had the obscene video been removed from the website.

Cyber Crimes Ordinance 2008, which is actually a re-promulgation of the ordinance originally introduced by Musharraf regime in 2007, had already lapsed that is why the accused could not be arrested. Under the ordinance accused could be jailed for up to 3 to 07 years and/or fined up to Rs 100,000 to 500,000.

It is definitely a nuisance that in this highly technical and computer-savvy age free and uncensored usage of the cyber space, i.e., SMS, mobile phones, Emails, blogs etc, cannot be monitored and regulated easily but improvements & strict implementation of Cyber Crime Ordinance/law could at least minimize the misery.

2 thoughts on “Sindh High Court directs PTA to remove obscene stuff”

  1. Girls have pasted their pictures all over facebook. Their pictures are also being taken and used in an inappropriate manner. For those whose haven’t, they certainly are at risk.

    On a different note, on some websites including Times of India, I have seen inappropriate pictures of Indian girls being labelled as Pakistani girls. It is surprising that even a webiste like Times of India would fall so low. Shame on them.


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