Silver Linings

There is nothing to get desperate about. Last thing Pakistanis need is to get entangle in self-pity and despair. There should be no disappointments. All is not lost, even many things have been gained. With emergency, though constitution, basic rights and the media is suspended and banned, there are many silver linings even in these darkest clouds.

This has revealed the level of awareness people have got in the recent years. The ongoing protests of lawyers, journalists, students, civil society, opposition mark a the beginning of new era for the Pakistani nation, who fully recognize and yearns for a true democratic society in which they enjoy their rights and opportunities to run their country at their own. People new seem to know the value of an independent judiciary and an independent media. They want to be at the helm of affairs, and they have got fed up with the wadera-shahi. They don’t want anymore truck with the dictatorships, and they don’t welcome it anymore.

Its true that still the clout of these ongoing protests against emergency which are going on it pockets isn’t much upon the government, but if they find a unified leader, who is brave, vibrant and dynamic than it would be quite another ball game altogether. As Mehmood Khan Achakzai says, if the movement against emergency is carried on with true and right vigor, it could be rolled down in mere twenty odd days.

Earlier Musharraf realized and realized correctly that only elections could save his presidency, but now after the proclamation of emergency, even his presidency is in grave danger, because things are not that much smooth at the national and international level. Even our godfathers in United States are not that much cozy about the state of affairs in their republic.

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  1. very true realizations and observations. I have to agree now, that our society is beginning to understand the true notions and principles behind this notion of democracy and a democratic society. After all, this IS the meaning of society, is it not? Encompassing sub-cultures and communities in a capitalist society, however, every individual in a sub-culture is -more or less- part of an anarchy.

    Thank you for raising this point. If only more people saw past the “We don’t want emergency.” It is not what you want, but what is needed for the country.


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