Silence is an attribute of the dead; he who is alive speaks.

The recently published National Corruption Perception Survey 2010 by the Transparency International- Pakistan graced the headlines and remained talk of the town for a few days but then went on the backburner as a usual practice of what happens in our country. However In a developed country such high perceived numbers of corruption would have rang alarm bells and would have drawn public ire.

Zero enormity in the public out roar rather a deafening silence against the alleged corruption which has become Pakistan’s greatest shame ,forced me to think do we as individuals have become so corrupt ourselves that it is justified in saying that our state functionaries are from us hence no different than us. This means that at some stage of our lives we ourselves have indulged in such corrupt practices ourselves, encouraged them or not resisted them in other words.

Don’t we at the driving license office, passport office, NADRA or at vehicle registration dept. grease the palm of agents so that our job could be expedited may be because we hate to stand in a queue and wait for things to get done in their due time or lack of patience has become our second nature.

Isn’t there a collusion of plunderers and mafias who spur electricity theft in the residential, industrial and commercial areas ,water theft by the tanker mafia , local agriculturist and industrialist courtesy the officials of relevant water board and irrigation department and gas theft by the influentials who own CNG stations and have the right links with the movers and shakers of the country.

And after all this self created mess icing on the cake is our rant about the shortages when we our selves fail to adhere any of the conservation initiatives in terms of closing down our businesses at 8 or setting our ACs at 26 or using water efficiently or abstain from the use of natural gas fueled generators without getting the extra load regularized by the SSGC SNGPL.

Now let us come to the burning issue, TAXATION. Yes, it’s a fact that we evade taxes worth 800 billion rupees as revealed by the world bank report and even after this we are not even bothered to ask for a proper invoice or issue a proper receipt whenever we transact.

And above all this is our silence and indifference to report such actions, which serves as the biggest weapon for these plunderers and gives them the courage to carry on and usurp my rights and your rights to fill in their pockets.

Rest assured, I am in no way defending any of the state departments perceived to be corrupt but whose going to cast the first stone because it wont change over night nor would it change if we are not willing to mend our own ways because it starts with you, it starts with me.

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  1. good job!
    please understand that the country is in state of anarchy. no rule of law. these things are created not evolved over time in a muslim society. the people are hapless, clueless, directionless. they want to feed their kids more that do something about the corrupt. I think they are right. Its not about raising the voice from the down trodden. They are getting by. Hurtful are the injustices so rampant. One man from top and fix atleast 70% of problems within a month guaranteed. The hold and vision must be right. All these corrupt people remain scared from inside. Also get diseases and ultimately die miserably. The kids dont want to remember them although they remained the main beneficiaries of ill gotten wealth. Its a sorry case that repeats each time in all generations of human kind. so cannot tame the greedy and corrupt. Can lynch him thou. So thats not a job for the poor fellow. Their are many within the country who can act. they dont. Maybe their mouths are stuffed with goodies as well. The opposition is a cracking joke. so are the other critics. Revolution need leaders. we have none. maulana’s soul was sold too. spirituality is for sale.. saab biktaa hai!! lets see where brass tacks takes us. Altho the zest and enthusiasm of the desired movement usually dies after the speech and program.. if not so then with a glass of water. Nothing being done practically. We have been so much demented in ways and starting from me and you will not matter. Frustration abounds the state. This also is artificially created. Just liek the food crises etc. yes let the democracy rule stay and complete term until no one remains to rule. I assure you nothing affects the sold outs. so its in vain.. burning you blood with false desire. We can work towards making a leader or supporting someone carefully. No need to be on the streets yet. Its time to use brains. Chances are you will be killed if make alot of hue and cry without and support. On tv some oen said Pres Mush ordered firing on the first caravan for restoration of judiciary. The chaudry bros desisited the move and guarantedd him that they will contain and neutralize the effort. so brother it aint gonna happen. people are wishing for death in our country and i know on whom the eternal and perpetual death will fall. Pakistan zindabad, Pakistani people zindabad!


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