Significance of ignorance

You would have come across the idea that says nothing is useless in this world. And that is why I say ignorance is as important as an idea. Following are the benefits of remaining ignorant:

1. You will not be questioned for the things you don’t know on Dooms Day.
2. Ignorance themselves create a class that perfectly assists those who are knowledgeable thus creating a balance.
3. Ignorance is innocence of the world.
4. Ignorance is keeping the world resources hidden that would be explored by next generations and thus the man kind will survive more.
5. The concept of ignorance motivates others to learn and discover.
6. Ignorance supports the nature to remain there. A mother take cares of her child for she knows her child is ignorant.

Did you thought about these aspects of ignorance? No! Then you too are ignorant about much.

2 thoughts on “Significance of ignorance”

  1. actually i am not supporting ignorance. i just wanted to show the other part of the picture.
    it is a common notion that no body ever would like to remain ignorant but many reasons but somtimes ignorance can be beneficial too; and it is that i had mentioned.

    thank u for ur comments. i really appritiate that.

  2. This post is not impressive. Ignorance is deadly and fatal. Until you wrote the five points it was fine, even though the points are wrong, but then, why do you need that tone in the last sentence.

    By the way, did you realise that the last sentence is contradictory to what you have been saying. You are supporting ignorance and then you say that if we are ignorant about the “benefits” of ignorance, it is a bad thing. Shouldn’t being ignorant about the “benefits” of ignorance be a good thing since you are supporting ignorance.

    Maybe this post reflects your ignorance.

    No offence…


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