Shumaila Anjum Rana, MPA Punjab Assembly accused of Credit Card theft

Muqete Salam, A Lahore citizen has filed a complaint earlier today against MPA Punjab assembly, Shumaila Anjum Rana on behalf of his sister Zaira Malik. The complaint says that MPA was busy in health club exercise when she got her self introduced to another club member Zaira Malik. After some time MPA left the club meanwhile stealing two credit cards of Ms Zaira Malik, one of UBL and other of Bank Alfalah. It is not clear that how she get the cards. Further quite cleverly and quickly MPA Shumaila Rana makes the most of the situation by swapping the cards at Jeweler shop and spends almost 80,000 Rs.

On the other hand when Ms Zaira Malik realizes that her credit cards are being stolen or misplaced, she immediately contacted the respective banks to inform them. Bank shocked her by disclosing the fact within few hours she had spent a huge amount of money. When they contacted the shop owner and jeweler it was revealed that a woman who was calling her MPA had purchased jewelry from them. Final icing on the cake is done by CCTV cameras which clearly show her shopping with cards including Time stamp of around 4 PM.

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The whole scenario is now quite worse for PML-N and Shumaila Rana to defend. She had committed a crime with an ease and without fear. Interestingly she disclosed her identity as MPA to both Ms Zaira Malik and Jeweler. It is also noticeable that Punjab assembly and its members are facing a tough time since last month. Many cases have been reported while most of the accusers belong to PML-N and the news immediately aired on TV. Can any one smells what’s cooking?

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  1. As far as I remember the 2 parties settles outside the court and the case was withdrawn. Now whether the case then becomes federal (as a crime was still committed) is another story.

  2. why shumaila rana case is out of scene and out of media? what is the end punishment to shumaila rana? i want to know. is law different for poors and riches?????????????????

  3. false talking, Loose characters, male prostitution, corruption, bribery, black mailing, dacoities, ransom and horse trading. these are the most common characteristic of all of our politicians. why not we kill them.

  4. I think every one in Pakistan tries to get money by every possible deed, he/she can do.Corrupt people come forward in political parties and when time comes good for them .They simply get the opportunity to get assembly seat EASILY .And then begin to loot us EASILY.

    its not with PML(N) only, whose member has been caught by chance. Every political party in Asembly, like (PPPP), Mulana Fazul-ur-reham, MQM all are doing same process of looting but under hidden curtains.

  5. She looks so calm and poised. How can these people act like that and we the people times and again elect the same “DAKOO” lot.. different faces same attributes

  6. They’re all crooks. She was unlucky and got caught. If a male parliamentarian had been in her place, he’d have used his clout with the police to get the complaint withdrawn (if it was ever filed in the first place).

  7. @Hamid Sir

    @Ashar Hameed
    Well its my opinion u can agree or disagree on your choice but u cant blame me for taking away the focus as the post and its title is about the crime. I am not the judge to decide who is guilty or not but it is an observation that PML-N is under scandals these days and it is also in air that PPP and MQM are shaking hands to side line PML-N is Punjab. It is just a second thought about frequent scandals.

  8. Ms. Safdar,
    The incident is a true reflection of what all our political leaders are doing to the country so no real surprises there, I mean none of them leave any single chance of stealing or taking by force whatever they can and their greed knows no bounds but what surprised me was your last comment where you said “Many cases have been reported while most of the accusers belong to PML-N and the news immediately aired on TV. Can any one smells what’s cooking?” which sort of tries to take the focus off the fraud/illegal activity and forces the users to think that there may be a vendetta against PML-N leaders which is indeed even more sad then this incident itself.

    Personally I believe it is people like you who should be blamed more then the perpetrators as you take away the focus from the root problem and present a totally different agenda. Very sad indeed!


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