Show the Power of Ballot

It’s about time Pakistan gets on to the true line of democracy, and we need to get rid of the stereotypical notions of inviting and welcome the army to the fray. We also need to change our mindset as a voter and we need to learn to defend our democratic and basic rights values.

Now due to the stand of deposed judges and due to the commendable struggle of lawyers, we are aware of the importance of justice and democracy. Due to the rising extremism and the militancy now we are aware of our freedom. Due to the flour and sugar crisis, we know the importance of getting rid of feudals. Due to the load-shedding of gas and power now we know the value of true welfare state. All these crisis accentuated the burning and suffering of the people of Pakistan.

But we need to convert this awareness and learning to action. We need to convert this dream to reality. It’s time we act, and the best course of action is to take the revenge through the ballot power.

1 thought on “Show the Power of Ballot”

  1. Unfortunately most of the candidates are feudals who do not believe in democracy. They think the laws are meant to be obeyed only by the poor, while they can get away with even murder. No, elections will not change anything. Leaders will go for Umrah at state expense, they will get their favourites appointed to prestigious posts, etc. And they will go on getting richer through commissions on contracts!


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