Show Cause Notice and Suspended Contract for Afridi- PCB ka khuda hafiz

Shahid Afridi Show Cause notice by PCB

For Pakistan Cricket another sad demise after astounding fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is the flamboyant, controversial and aggressive Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi’s retirement. What would it be like when there will be no chants and placards in the stadium applauding probably the liveliest cricketer ever? Deserted isn’t it. It is indeed heartbreaking news for Boom boom fans and the saddest part is the actions of Pakistan Cricket Board against him rather than showing concerns over his grievances for the team.

PCB not only suspended Afridi’s Central contract & all payments but also canceled the No Objection Certificate (NOC) preventing him to play for Hampshire county and opening edition of Sri Lankan Premier League. He has also been spanked with a show-cause notice for announcing retirement in protest against the Board accusing it of humiliating him and making his differences with Coach Waqar Younus public.

Fans in Pakistan are thwarted over his sudden decision and now on PCB’s action. The iconic, hard hitting all rounder had won rave reviews for uniting Pakistan after last year’s spot-fixing scandal and taking them to the World Cup semis. Pakistan cricket board has mishandled the issue completely and is responsible for this loss to Pakistan cricket.

Chairman PCB Afridi retirement

In a statement according to Daily Jang, PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt has said that If Afridi doesn’t want play under current cricket board than there is nothing we could do. I accept his retirement.

I wonder is there any authority in Pakistan to monitor the performance of PCB and in front of whom Mr. Ijaz Butt is accountable? Why Misbah ul Haq is so dear to coach Waqar Younus and management that cricket board reverses its decisions of nominating captain every now and then.

I want Afridi back as the captain of Pakistan ODI and T20 team at least for the next 5 years. Pakistan cricket board needs a serious overhaul and a regulatory body to monitor not only its performance but to listen to the player’s perspective.

4 thoughts on “Show Cause Notice and Suspended Contract for Afridi- PCB ka khuda hafiz”

  1. “…his ability to entertain Spectators”???

    Ever thought about spectators at Old Trafford (2005) and Perth (2010). They paid money for entertainment as well. Not for some gutless lunatic to make a mockery and insult the game.

    “liveliest cricketer ever”…do justice to your words Hina.

  2. He is the liveliest cricketer ever because of his ability to entertain Spectators with his unpredictable bowling or batting. He gives life to the crowd.
    What other ACTS u had mentioned it is just because of them I had used the word CONTROVERSIAL too for him.

  3. @ Hina

    On another note “… the liveliest cricketer ever?”!!??!!??!!

    Afridi doesn’t come anywhere close to even the “liveliest Pakistani cricketer ever”.

    There is nothing lively about abusing an umpire or tampering with the pitch by dancing on it or tampering with the ball by biting it.

    Surely your country hasn’t fallen so low that you now consider someone like Afridi your liveliest cricketer EVER!!

  4. The one word solution to Pakistan Cricket’s problems is D E M O C R A C Y. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are the only 3 cricket boards that do not have any kind of democratic process in electing it’s board members. Not surprisingly 2 out of these 3 (Bangladesh being purely based on poor form) are amongst the worst performing cricket boards in the world.

    Here you have the president of Pakistan (who himself is a prick), hand-picking one of the biggest idiots that Pakistan has produced (Ijaz Butt), who in turns hand-picks his preferred clowns for not only various positions in the board but also his preferred captain, coach, players, manager, physio, the water-boy etc etc etc. What else do you expect from this kind of a setup.

    But then I suppose the people of Pakistan are also not too familiar with Democracy. After all, for nearly half of it’s existence Pakistan hasn’t had a democratic government, and when it did, more often than not it seems better to not to have a government at all.

    But hey, Chill!! No stress…this is Pakistan Cricket after all. If history has taught us anything, then over the next few days Afridi will probably reverse his decision to retire, he may even be re-appointed as captain, things might settle down between Afridi & Butt & Waqar & the ball-boy & the water-boy…until of course the next whim of the PCB chief.

    Cricket is only played by a handful of countries across the world…some one must take up the task of providing off-field entertainment and keeping the controversies coming non-stop. GOOD JOB PAKISTAN!!


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