Should We Celebrate?

So the uniform has gone, and the announcement regarding the lifting of emergency has also been done. It is also being said that economy has taken a surge in its plotted line due to the recent events. But should we felicitate each other upon this?

Until and unless people of Pakistan don’t rise to the occasion, there is no point in congratulating each other. If we have to suffer through yet again from the Presidency of Pervez Musharraf and the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto or Pervez Elahi with PEMRA-controlled media and PCO-ed judiciary, then why should we even bother to heave a sigh of relief?

ALL Parties Democratic Movement (APDM), lawyers, civil society and other small time players have decided to boycott the elections and rightly so. In the presence of Pervez Musharraf as President, and under the supervision of this care-taker government which is more like a B-team of Quisling League, PML-Q, it’s hard to image any thing even remotely free and fair.

As was expected, Benazir Bhutto and Fazl-ur-Rehman decided to take part in the elections, and why shouldn’t they be? After all they have sacrificed a lot for these elections. Both have sacrificed their respect, goodwill, reliability, future and hopes of their followers for it. Both have given a long chain of forfeitures to get to the Kursi, and they would do anything for it in the future.

Its very hard for Fazl-ur-Rehman to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan because American pubic wouldn’t understand. American Administration surely knows that though Fazl merely looks alike a staunch Muslim, but from inside he is even more spineless than Manmohan Singh. Benazir has got strong curriculum vitae for the top job. She has not only got a provable track record of sacrificing national interests for her Kursi and plundering, but she has also given lots and lots of assurances to her godfathers in Washington.

If nation has to once again suffer from these faces, then boycott is the best strategy. Because boycott or no boycott, if they have decided that Benazir or Pervez Elahi would be the next PM, then its itched on the stone, and nothing could alter it except nature.

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