Short term interests

MPs from Federally Administered Areas have threatened the government in national assembly that they won’t vote for Zardari in upcoming presidential election if the operation in Bajaur agency is not halted immediately. This is another event evaluating the fact that political parties and individuals both in Pakistan make decisions for short term interests. With this notification in place, PPP might halt the ongoing operation but there is no guarantee that after becoming the president PPP will not start the operation again. PPP with Asif Zardari its co-chairperson has continuously being found dismantling and abandoning his promises.

The coalition was formed by the political parties in post election period just because it was the need of time; in order to cope with the common enemy Pervez Musharraf. After Musharraf’s resignation the restoration of judiciary as promised by PPP and PML-N in Murree declaration did not precede because it was not in the interest of PPP and thus the coalition broke. This time halting the operation is in the interest of PPP to nominate Zardari the president, so a notification might be issued in some time but there is no pledge that it won’t start again in future.

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