Shoaib Suddle enters in Sindh, MQM Part Ways with PPP

Such theatrics by Motahidda Qaumi Movements are not new and are not unexpected. They have done it before, and they will do it again. They will roll from side to side, and will confuse people more. That is how establishment works.

Perhaps this is what Altaf Hussain Bhai, the Pir of London has given Dr. Farooq Sattar a punishment when he was asking for it in chorus from Nine Zero, when the head honcho in London decided to leave the throne of MQM yet once again and then without wasting any time grabbed the slot once again.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle, who was instrumental in bringing the peace back to Karachi in mid-nineties has been appointed again. The PPP was also offered ministries in the Sindh cabinet and possibly in the center. This stick and carrot policy by Asif Ali Zardari failed, due to the stubbornness by MQM, and because they are way too much fearful of Suddle.

City of Karachi is far much important than MQM and it’s pir, who have gripped the Karachi in their bloody shackles for too long a time. The appointment of Dr. Shoaib Suddle, who is a PhD in white collar criminology has done it before and he intends to do it again and that is what is required.

4 thoughts on “Shoaib Suddle enters in Sindh, MQM Part Ways with PPP”

  1. Dear Karachi People:

    Why you people are not understand.I am sure if you people bring any educated leader and like terrorist altaf and other jack ASS you will succefull.Altaf the big Jack ASS is terrorist worldwide and now we going to hang him

  2. i hope shoaib suddle once and for all clears the city of all crimes and ofcourse MQM is birth cradle of all karachi crime.
    Mr. shoiab suddle is the light of hope for this city, its strange help is comming from Punjab, whom the people of karachi hate so much. We welcome you Mr. Suddle and congrats on your promotion to grade 22 and on being IG Sindh, please wipe out areas like orangi/azizabad/ landhi and other gutters where this vermin lives.
    Now let me comment on Dravidians, Altaf H is one of them, this
    strange piece of life lives in london before that he was in a gutter in azizabad. In every dravidian of karachi there reflects a glimpse of Altaf, because every karachi dravidian is an offspring
    of Altafs rectum. You now get the drift ?

  3. only the criminals in karachi vote for MQM. Each MQM criminal casting 40 or more votes which is documented on YouTube videos. If the elections were held fairly in karachi mqm would never get more than 20% votes from its core racist ethnic vote bank.

  4. We karachi people love MQM and altaf hussian.
    That’s why we vote mqm.
    Do severe operations against mqm, we will reborn mqm via our vote.


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