Shoaib Malik to wed Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza weds Shoaib Malik

Everything is fair in love and war and Pakistan have both with India but this time love is in the air across the border. Now that’s what is called the real upset in sporting world. The news of the year comes out of the blue from former Pakistan cricket team captain, Shoaib Malik who is now officially engaged with Sania Mirza, the star tennis player of neighboring India. The wedding ceremony will take place in April. However, Sania’s father was quoted as saying that the date for the marriage has not yet finalized.

The news leads to a flabbergasted response on social media probably because there was no affair or scandal been made earlier. Shoaib has stolen the show while remaining low profile. Here is an expression of Indo Pak twitter users about the cross border sporting ties.

• Sania Mirza weds Shoaib Malik … Thats a April fool joke… ppl plz dont fall for this joke!!! G. Deep Kiran

• Sania Mirza will b marrying Shoaib Malik. WTF? if she was so desperate 2 get married,y didn’t she participate in Rahul Mahajan’s Swayamvar?? Aadeesh Deshpande

• Sania Mirza n Shoaib Malik to get married?!!! Did not see that coming. #WTF #OMGfacts #Sania Samadrita

• 3 tweets by TOI one after other … Pakistan to normalize relation with India – Sania Mirza engaged to Shoiab Malik – curfew in Hyderabad 🙂Vishal Govind Khera

• Sania Mirza rejected all Indians… Pakistani ZidabadNusrat Zoha

• Indians say we stole your water you stole our Sania Mirza hisaab barabar…Anas Muhammad

The reaction from Pakistan side is welcoming but it seems that the news is still indigestible by the Indians. Thanks to social media that it is easy as well as intresting to catch what the people are saying around the globe regarding any happening in the world. One can hope that the marriage will become the symbol of peace and harmony among the nations too.

Image: Deccanherald

29 thoughts on “Shoaib Malik to wed Sania Mirza”

  1. Howl about the scandle of Shoaib Malik’s marrige to Ayesha Siddiqui in Hyderabad Deccan and related controversy?

  2. Marriage is a religiuos matter. According to basic beliefs of Islam Marriage between Hindu and Muslim is not allowed. Its a marriage between a muslim girl and a muslim boy. Why people are so surprised?
    It is not happening first time in Indo-Pak.
    I know many Pakistani muslim girls who have married with Indian Muslim boys, and many Muslim Pakistani boys who have married with Indian muslim girls.
    By marriage no body had won a war.
    Please don’t tease each other on this issue.

  3. what the hell yaar apni marzi se kia shadi b nai karsakty hmmmm??well m very happy for both of u and we love sania and india as well ..ALL THE BEST..KEEP SMILING..ALLAH bless u ..!!

  4. Latest on the Shoaib-Sania affair … Shoaib is going to be arrested soon … thats seems to be the price he has to pay for ditching his first wife. A muslim celebrity is like this only. A close look at the past marriages of muslim men celebrity (whether on this side of the border or that) will make the picture clear. And usually it is the hapless abla nari – Hindu or Muslim who suffers. She is used and discarded.. as if she is not human being but some non-living thing. Shoaib is eg 1 … Md. Azar is no 2. Imran Khan is no 3..Javed Akhtar is No 4.. Aamir Khan is No 4…Saif Ali Khan is No 5 …Sania is 6 … and the list goes on… Bhagwaan bacheey aaise celebrities seey …

  5. @confused

    Pakistani perspective by the Indian press could be like this what you have posted same in Pakistan the headlines features Sania Shoaib Wedding Bharti jal gay…….

    Its Tit for tat.

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen , I appeal to good sense , please let the cool minds prevail and think , is the acrimony between India and Pakistan generated since partition healthy and commendable . Is it not the time for each one of us to be tolerant and broad minded and live like good nieghbours.
    Shoaib and Sanias matrimonial match is a right step in direction , let us accept it and hug each other .


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