Shoaib Malik pays 3.5 million dollars to Ayesha Siddiqui

Sania Shoaib AyeshaShoaib Malik is reported to have paid a hefty 150 million Indian rupees (equivalent to 3.5 million U.S. dollars or 290 million Pakistani rupees) to Ayesha Siddiqi to settle his dispute with her!

Dispute? What dispute? He was stupid enough to marry her without ever having seen her, and there was no bar on him to divorce Ayesha (who all along wanted a divorce anyway).

So why did he pay this fantastic amount to her? Something is obviously seriously wrong somewhere. With that kind of money, you can buy twenty nine luxury apartments in a posh area of Karachi. Or you can use the money to set up a few factories.

Then there’s the question of where Shoaib got all that money, something which the Income Tax sleuths would like to know.

One thing is certain: Indian tax authorities will definitely take action if this kind of money has changed hands.

Source: India Server

Image: ZeeNews

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