Shenanigans Going On From President House

While Mr. Zardari is flying between Dubai and Karachi, and Yousuf Raza Gillani is busy in hatching his 100-day ambitious plan, and Farooq H. Naik the federal minister for law is issuing contradictory statements over statements about the judicial crisis, people of Pakistan are wondering as what’s next for them in the store.

They still do not know as what this new government has in store for them and when would they have some sort of relief. Crisis, which this government inherited are still there getting more worse and taking their toll from the hapless people, while people like defense minister Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar are talking about carrying on the old legacy.

The thing is that it’s unrealistic to think that this new government would be able to swing a magic wand and everything would be alright and the flour would be selling at Rs. 5 per kg. No sir, we are not that naive. But what this government could do is to walk or trot in the right direction if not gallop.

First things come first. This new government should shed the hanky-panky over the restoration of the judges, and now everyone knows that a mere executive order by the Prime Minister could reinstate the judges and the rest is just a formality.

Is it that the new government is also afraid of the free judiciary?

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  1. slam this is Muhammad usman advocate and i am great fan of respected president of pakistan general pervaiz musharaf according to my point of view he has done alot for pakistan and i can easily say that he is pure patriot and was our brave cnc and now still our commanderinchief i want to pay him tribute for his outstanding performance for pakistan and i am very hopeful that he will perform his duty for the pakistan more and more
    thanks lot of wishes for president


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