Sheikh’s Election Meals

In order to fill the empty chairs in the public rallies in the wake of elections, the candidates have started offering many luring opportunities to the public. One of them includes offering free meals to attendees.

Initially it happened that public reached at the scene of meeting, when the candidate was about to conclude his blabbing and attacked the Murghas and naans. Now candidates, after taking brunt of multiple meetings, have grown alert, and now their trustworthy goons see to it that only those receive the meal who has been there from start to end.

In one meeting occurred in Lahore, the administration of the meeting collected the ID cards of people who came to the meeting, and then at the end of rally they returned them to the owners with lunch boxes. Just other day, newspaper story reported that Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Tulli of Rawalpindi was despondent during his corner meeting in Gawalmandi, as more than half of the chairs were empty, but as soon as he uttered the last words, and invited people to come and have a dinner in Lal Haveli, from nowhere, all of a sudden thousands of people appeared, all hungry to get whatever they could from Sheikh’s haveli.

Sheikh Sahib will get same surprises on 18th Feb.

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