She was doomed from Day One

This is a true story. Rajoo (not his real name) married Rani (not her real name) in 1970. He was from Karachi, while she was from Bombay. It was an arranged marriage, and one reason Rajoo married her was because an Indian wife wouldn’t easily be able to go back to her parents if she wasn’t happy with him. The second reason was that he wanted her to look after his aging father (his mother had died some years earlier). The third reason, of course, was that he wanted to be a father.

In four years she gave birth to three children, all girls.The poor woman was the subject of taunts from her husband’s relatives. “You’re possessed by the devil,” they said, “you can’t produce sons.” Her husband took her to all the charlatans in town; he took her to the tomb of the “Crocodile Saint”, who was reputed to make women produce as many boys as they wanted. Nothing worked. She gave birth to two more girls in the period before she became a victim of acute depression.

He took her to a psychiatrist. “Mr. Rajoo”, said the psychiatrist, “please, please don’t make her pregnant again, she’ll kill herself if she bears another female child.” The troubled Rajoo went to the mullah in the neighborhood mosque. “Are you crazy?” said the mullah. “Whoever heard such nonsense? If a woman stops being pregnant, she remains unfulfilled, she might even hate you for it. And haven’t you heard that it is a heinous sin to practice birth control?”

So Rajoo went ahead, and she became pregnant again. She prayed to Him who knows all things for a son. She swore that she would sell all her jewelery and feed the poor every day for the rest of her life if she became the mother of a boy. But it was not to be. Another girl was born, and she went mad. A few days later, she took her children to the roof of the building she lived in. One by one, she threw all of them from the top floor (it was a seven storey building). Then she jumped and killed herself as well. Finally, she was free, free from the tortures she had suffered for seven years.

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  1. Yes, Karim, Manghopir is the place where the tomb of the Crocodile saint is located. ‘Mangho” means large fish or marine animal (like a shark or dolphin) in most of the languages spoken in the coastal areas of Karachi. The simple people believe that the crocodiles were once men who were changed into crocodiles by the saint.

  2. Why do they torture and beat their wives? Because the mullah tells them it’s OK to do it. Why do they believe that praying to saints will result in male children? Because they believe that they have been affected by black magic, which makes them produce female children only. The people of Pakistan have to be educated, and once they become convinced that their troubles are not due to black magic (because there is no such thing as black magic), they will change for the better.

  3. tons of people in Pakistan torture and some kill their wives who bear daughters because they want a son. This has nothing to do with believing in black magic or some stupid mullah. Yes i agree, there are retarded mullahs in the country but that deos not mean all of them are. I have asked Muftis myself and they said condoms are allowed in Islam.


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