Shaukat Aziz, Do you remember us?

I am really missing our former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, who has left for “Pardes” and havent asked us as what we are doing with his bumper crop. People say that he was a puppet, but I say that he was an intelligent puppet. The biggest proof is that he screwed the country as much as he wanted, while nodding his head on everything Musharraf said, and when the time came, he just bolted.

He was far-sighted enough to not to become Prime Minister second time, as he knew that there is all probability of a bad end, as stats suggest that two-time Prime Ministers doest last well. He must be laughing his head out, while sitting smugly in Washington sipping whatever he sips.

No electricity, no food, no gas, no water, no peace, no jobs, and no future. What a performance by the imported Shortcut Aziz. You ought to give him credit of how expertly he has drained off this country in just some years.

We remember him so much, does he remember us?

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