Shattered Dreams .. (a true story)

He was standing at his room’s window and was watching the birds flying in the sky…he was in his deep thoughts when his mother called him for lunch….

Ahmed was the only son of his parents. He and his parents lived in Islamabad. He was a darling to his parents but was not a spoiled child…Since his childhood; he had only one dream of becoming a fighter pilot. So he struggled hard to achieve his aim. He got very good marks in his Fsc examination and was very happy that soon his dreams would take the form of reality. He was very passionate .When ever he was alone he went to the world of his dreams where he was flying high in the sky…he had a craze for flying. His room was filled with flying stuff such as posters, model planes and a lot more things. After passing the test, he was called for the interview at Risalpur academy. He was very nervous but his parents told him not to worry as they would pray for his success. After giving the interview he came back to his home and thanked God that he had done well in the interview.

On one fine morning he received a letter from the Risalpur academy which he opened with trembling hands, as that was not just a piece of paper for him but was a thing that could change his whole life. His mother was standing just next to him and was aware of her son’s condition. He opened the letter and fell into prostration. He was selected for GD pilot .He had no words to thank God for his blessings. His parents and his friends wished him. Now he had to join the academy and for that he went Risalpur. At the academy he got the training of flying and made his first solo flight successfully. Sometimes when he was getting ready for his office, he stood in front of mirror and saw himself proudly in his blue uniform and deep in his heart, he thanked God for fulfilling his dreams. At the start, he got training on other than fighter planes but when he passed the flying test he was allowed to fly fighter plane and that was the happiest movement of his life. At the day of his first flight on a fighter jet, he wore his grey dungaree and gave a final touch to his uniform and then looked at his reflection in the mirror and wished himself good luck and went towards the runway. After few minutes he was in the sky and the whole world was beneath him. At that moment he felt himself very close to God and thought that it was the start of his new life and was very hopeful for the future …when…..something just hit his plane and he felt a jolt. He lost his control over the plane and his plane was going down towards the ground .He felt great pressure on his body and was losing conscious but he maintained himself and pushed the button and with a bump he was out of the plane. His plane hit the ground and crashed into pieces. His parachute landed on a tree and he felt the pain on his legs as they hit the tree branches and after that he lost his conscious. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the hospital and saw his parents around him. His mother was weeping. He noticed that his right leg was bandaged and realized that some serious thing had happened. After a week he was discharged from the hospital. One day when he was packing his luggage for academy, he received a letter from his headquarter to report as soon as possible. He went to his headquarter where his senior gave him the bad news that, he wouldn’t be able to fly and was grounded. That news was like as if someone had pulled away the ground under his feet. His dreams shattered all of a sudden. He came back to his room as if he had been defeated. For him flying was everything and now he wouldn’t be able to fly in his life.

The purpose of telling this true story is not just entertainment but through this I want to deliver a message that is “please stop polluting the environment”…The thing that hit the plane was not other than a bird …A bird …? Yes because near the base, someone had thrown away the garbage and many birds had been hovering over that heap. So when the plane had not raised much up the height, it struck with the bird.

In order to avoid such type of accidents, we have to stop this before it’s too late…We have to save the lives and dreams of others by not polluting our environment …So what we are waiting for?

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