Shakespeare causes tussle in Punjab Assembly

According to a news item in DAWN (28th June, 2009), Sheikh Ala-ud-Din of PML-Q Forward Block on Saturday must have made history in the Punjab Assembly when he walked out of the house in protest against something that was never said. The offended MPA thought that his fellow parliamentarian Mohsin Leghari had insulted Lahore when he quoted from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

After that, Dr Asad Ashraf, another member of the assembly criticized Mr. Leghari for calling himself Caesar (which he hadn’t). Apparently the good doctor knew that the word caesarian (as in “caesarian section”) was derived from Caesar (who had been “ripped” from his mother’s womb). It’s good to know that there are politicians in this country who have heard of Shakespeare, leave alone quoting from his works. But then, Mr. Leghari apparently thought that all members of the Punjab Assembly are graduates in English Literature.

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare causes tussle in Punjab Assembly”

  1. Punjab assembly is providing alot of thrilling entertainment to the nation these days. Why am not surprized at this:P

  2. @ Aly B: the quote was from Julius Caeser: “Not that I loved Caeser less but I loved Rome more.” This was said by Brutus to justify the murder of Caeser. When he heard this, Sheikh Ala-ud-Din of PML-Q Forward Block thought that Mohsin Leghari had insulted Lahore (and the people living there). Obviously, Sheikh Ala-ud-Din has never heard of either Shakespeare or Julius Caeser.


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