Shahid Afridi Announces Retirement from International Cricket

Shahid Afridi

After being stripped of captaincy for the Ireland tour, Shahid Afridi has announced retirement from international cricket. It is really disappointing to know the kind of internal politics that takes place in Pakistan cricket, and it reminds me of Sourav Ganguly’s retirement. While Sourav Ganguly had no option available, Afridi’s retirement seems to be an emotional one.

After a spat with coach Waqar Younis over selection of the team, PCB removed Afridi from captaincy. In all fairness, the captain should have the right to decide which team he wants to play. Afridi said that the current cricket board is difficult to play under as it pays no respect to senior players.

His retirement is a big blow to Pakistan cricket, which has already lost Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif, and Salman Butt. His swashbuckling batting style and mesmerizing bowling will be almost impossible to replace.

Afridi won many matches single handedly for Pakistan, and many tournaments, including the Twenty20 World Cup in 2009, the ODI series against New Zealand earlier this year, took Pakistan to the cricket World Cup 2011 semi-finals when many people said that Pakistan would not even qualify for the second round, and then just recently won the ODI series against West Indies.

Only PCB can explain why Afridi was removed from captaincy with such a fantastic record as captain in the last few months. And if I may add, yesterday, Pakistan nearly lost the second ODI to Ireland. Afridi’s absence is being felt already.

15 thoughts on “Shahid Afridi Announces Retirement from International Cricket”

  1. Afridi is a great and selfconfidance person. I like Afirdi, he is a great player. in any mach he is performing in one field of cricket either in bating, bowling, feilding, ect.
    we like you afridi. leave, forget bout the group mother fuckers. we like you come back to team.

  2. plz come agian we r missing u gussa ko chor do
    pakistani public izz waiting 4 u my all class missing
    u tum circkey k shan ho shaid afridi boom boom

  3. shahid afridi is a very dangerious batsman and bowler in all team . please come back because pakistan public need you othere wise pakistan team is nothing

  4. plz give me shahid ur phone number from pakistan mujhe us din ka be sabri se intzaar hai jab main aap se mulakaar karongi iam rally very crazy

  5. shahid iam really very carzy about u plzzzz back Cricket main cricket sirf aap ke liye dekhti thi q aap neRetirement di jab maine yeh baat suni meri to jaan hi nikal gai gusse main kabhi bhi koi fesla nahee karna chahiye q ke gusse main hum kuch pata nahe hota ke hum kya kar rahe hai hazrat ali ka qoul hai gussa pagakpan se shuru aur pashtawe pe khattam hota hai aur aik hazrat ali ka qoul gusse main koi fesla nahee karna aur khushi main kisi se waada nahee karna chaiye

  6. @Shahid Afridi Announces Retirement from International Cricket

    Afridi has stood up against an immoral and disgraced butt…………..politics have ruled cricket board fm d last 3 years and many careers have been destroyed…………Misbah has been awarded for his “obedient” play at semi final…………..but khan will be back……………the pharoh’s of today will fall INSHALLAH


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