Shaheedatul Hijaab: Marwa Sherbini

Marwa Sherbini - Shaheedatul HijaabA Muslim lady who wanted respect for her religion and religious beliefs was killed in a courtroom by a maniac in Germany.

Marwa Sherbini, 32, was stabbed 18 times by Axel W, who is now under arrest in Dresden for ‘suspected’ murder. Marwa’s body has been taken back to Egypt for burial. Her husband, Elwi Okaz, was also critically injured while trying to save his wife from the lunatic, is currently in hospital.

Alex W was convicted of insulting her for wearing the Islamic headscarf, calling her a ‘terrorist’.

German prosecutors have that Alex W had a deep hatred of foreigners and Muslims that prompted him into this action.

Medics were unable to save Marwa who was three months pregnant with her second child. Her three-year-old son was with the family in court when she was killed.

Egyptian journalists have expressed their outrage at how could such a heinous crime take place literally under the nose of the law. Marwa has been hailed as Shaheedatul Hijaab “the Martyr of the Hijab”.

Like always, Muslim countries’ leaders will simply twiddle their thumbs and wait for a similar incident to happen in, say, France now..

Image: BBC

11 thoughts on “Shaheedatul Hijaab: Marwa Sherbini”

  1. Shaheedatul Hijab = Martyr of Hijab. Maybe Shaheed Hijab would mean the Hijab being martyred. So irrelevant to the topic.

    @rania: today’s so called Muslims have no ghayrah. Those who speak the truth are considered backward and ‘deeply religious’ (when they r forced to b polite). what they mean by terming them as deeply religious (being deeply religious is without doubt the greatest of blessings from ALLAH (Sunhanahu Wa Ta’ala)) is that they are not fit for the society. they fail to see what losers they are.

    Be it Zainab Ghazali, Aafia Seddiqui or Marwa Sherbini…nothing will be done by those so-called Muslims who are not personally affected by their problem.


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