Shahbaz Sharif for Punjab! What For Others?

Shahbaz Sharif

The recent developments have clearly shown, atleast for a while, that the power to appoint our public office bearer resides with the people. It was the prayers of grief stricken mothers who got justice for her child killers. It was the blessing of that labourer, who for once ate as much as he always desired, with the “roti” selling at 2rs, and it was the prayers of that father who got free medicines for his dying son, that people’s CM Shahbaz Sharif got his rule back. If the above attributes were not there, this would not have happened.

The core of democracy is simple; that masses always have the feeling that power is still in there hands, and they are heard in the corridors of establishment. This fact also demonstrated one fact, and that is that Pakistani nation is still as hopeful and resolute, as it was before. If our leaders deliver the right purpose, we will go all out not only to support them, but to save them in the time of need as well. This is the fairy tale of Punjab, but every Pakistani is also concerned about the other three provinces as well, and honestly, the situation is pretty scary if we take a look out there. In Sindh, the alliance between PPP and MQM was more than welcomed as it brought the arch rivals together. The people of this province have suffered immensely from the tug of war between these parties, but I am sorry to say that there is no relief insight for the natives after one year.

Don’t go any further, take the example of Karachi. One can find news articles every now and then, regarding the fact that the City Government under Mustafa Kamal and the Provincial Government under CM is at odds, and guess what, on no other matter than to grab maximum control. With this, the people are still standing where they were 10 years back. It is to be reminded here to the person incharge that new roads and billion dollar projects don’t change anything, it’s the governance that changes all. I can easily imagine the consequences, that after 5 years of their term when the time will come for accountability, these very people will blast each other with “blame game”. If this is the situation in Karachi, one can only imagine what it is like in internal Sindh.

ANP and NWFP is a strange match. A party which claims itself moderate and secular is no where to be seen or exercise its power. They have got the best excuse that there leadership is under threat, but the answer lies within. In its campaign, ANP was all out to stop military operation, but it is still going on. The way it handled Swat is simply terrible. I must admit that it played the right cards, by going for peace, but that too from the position of weakness. A recent story in the news quoted senior ministers and leadership of ANP embarking on holiday in Dubai, hosted by a newly elected Senator from there side. With NWFP in ruins and Swat burning, I believe they all deserved a break.

For Balochistan, the way Mr Raisani played a positive role in on national front, I hope he does the same at provincial level, which he hasn’t until now. A parliament where nearly all members are ministers, it simply shows the mess the people of Balochistan are in. There is only one person in opposition, Yar Mohammad Rind, and he is in Dubai because the government of the province cannot guarantee him his security. In the name of the provincial government performance, I can only produce one fact, and that is one year has passed, but they have failed to decide how and who will run the Gwadar Port, simply disgusting.

With this account, all we hope is that all those in public offices, should realize that they have a chance still to undo there sins, or else we will watch them in elections, pleading of there innocence and the mass rigging over the results. But I am sure, like many before the, no one will believe them or sympathize with them.

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