Shahbaz Lands in Lahore

Though Dost Mohammad Khosa is the new chief minister of Punjab, the most populous province in Pakistan, but the in essence Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif is the man behind him and PML-N has declared it publicly, and Shahbaz will be officially be residing in CM office after couple of months and up till then he will be pulling the strings from behind Khosa.

The establishment of IT University in Lahore and the removal of officers on extensions from police and other posts mark the solid intentions of this fabulous administrator of Lahore. People have bode many good and lofty hopes from this man, Shahbaz Sharif and he faces many gigantic and gargantuan challenges.

Shahbaz Sharif faces a stiff resistance from the leftovers of PML-Quisling and he needs to be very careful because all the establishment, PML-Q, Musharraf and other forces of status quo have focussed their eyes on Punjab, because they know that by defeating PML-N, they could save Musharraf.

PML-N must not get back from their splendid stance of restoration of judiciary, as this is what has given them so heavy a mandate from this important province, and that is what differentiates them from others. They not only must stick to their resolve but also try to convince PPP to go with them.

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