Shadow of deadlock between PPP and PML-N

The issue of restoration of judges through an executive order is still facing a deadlock between PPP and PML-N. The talks amid these two party leaders could not conclude a fruitful rejoinder. The PML-N leader Nawaz Shraif made PPP leadership clear about its reservations over the recently issued notification regarding restoration of deposed judges says it.

It is also reported that both the coalition parties were in complete concord on the issue of impeachment of the President Pervez Musharraf. JUI-F also participated on the second day of talks but could not assist remove the indignations amid the two coalition Partners. A summary for the restoration of deposed judges of Sindh High Court was already sent to the President. The Ministry of Law sent this notification.

2 thoughts on “Shadow of deadlock between PPP and PML-N”

  1. They’re not dealing with the real issue which is restoration of the sacked judges, because they know that an independent judiciary will send them home. Knowing that the impeachment motion is not likely to succeed, they’re making a lot of noise about it. Ultimately, after a few weeks, they’ll stop talking about it and Musharraf will remain in power.


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