SEO Tips

If you want to make your website a darling of the search engines then just read this blog post and you wont need to refer to any other article,book,research paper,blog or anything else. Why?

Because there is only and only one search engine optimization tip or technique or trick or totka. Other advices are just common sense and nothing else. You have got to stick to just one approach, and your site will become an apple of eye of every search engine on the planet.

So that million dollar tip is; Just take care of your content. Thats it. Period.

Just write useful,rich,good,relevant,meaningful content and you will get the traffic, which is basically the ultimate goal of the so called search engine optimization.

Meta tags, page title, anchor text, keyword density, header elements, alt tags, submittal to different sites, displaying of widgets, badges is nothing but rubbish.

Just write quality content and write it regularly and they will come.

Make your articles up-to-date and topical, don’t use any sorts of nerd computer jargon or flamboyant and ostentatious linguistic units.

You can flood your site with all sorts of badges and colorful referrals on every line of your code, cramming it into every anchor text on every free-for-all link site you might find, but if you don’t have pertinent and useful content on offer, you are offering SPAM to visitors.

Your site will be doomed if the content is nothing more than information crap. It’s much better not having a site at all then entering the web with spam. There is already enough garbage on the world wide web, dont add to the information pollution.

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