Sensitivity or self centeredness

Acts of self preservation such as self centeredness is mostly called as sensitivity by individuals while they describe or define themselves. While using the term sensitivity for defining one’s attributes and features it must be kept in mind that sensitivity is a verb that shows actions and not a noun. People that often use this term are unaware of the fact that the manipulation of this word is to serve one’s own self interests.

While walking on a street how many of us who define themselves as sensitive help those in need? How many of us without giving a second thought give all what we have in our pocket to the girl or boy begging, ignoring that he is a beggar. In such circumstances the issue of duality of that particular individual, tricking people is not the subject matter but helping or ignoring the situation is what outlines one’s trait and character. In that grim moment the stance made by any individual defines individual’s actual attribute.

People that perceive that they are hurt or discriminated when there interests are not served; are not sensitive but self centered. Unfortunately most of the people live with lies created by them for so long that they no longer remember the truth and forget the real trace of reality.

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  1. “sensitivity is a verb that shows actions and not a noun”. How? It’s a noun. It would help if you first consulted a book on English grammar before writing something like this. Please don’t murder the English language.


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