Sense of Worth

Sultan Nasir ud Din, the ruler of India, used to live by writing Holy Qur’an. He wrote one book very artistically and his courtier and aides wished to see the calligraphy. They all praised after they had seen the work of art.

One of the aids commented that there should be a punctuation mark on one particular word. Sultan politely told him that the word has been written correctly but he was adamant. Sultan marked the word and promised to correct it. When all except one of his close associate went away, he removed the mark leaving the word as it was once every one had left.

“Why did you mark if the word was not to be corrected,” asked that close associate.

“I am in no doubt that the one who pointed it out was wrong. I could prove it by comparing with another copy but never wanted to humiliate him. I only marked the word to save his self respect,” replied the Sultan.

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