Sense Of Sacrifice ..

Pakistan Independence DayPakistan is one of the largest Muslim states in the world. The country emerged on the world map on 1947 and since then it has been facing all sorts of opposition and challenges, including the very first war in 1947 and separation of East-Pakistan.

However now the only Muslim state with a nuclear power is Pakistan. But the real danger to this country might not be from the borders only, but it is from inside the country. May be in the shape of insurgency or the puppet rulers that have been enforced upon us.

Our homeland is going through difficult times facing floods, violence and insurgency in different areas. On this day of 14th August we should not only celebrate but this time we should look back on history to find out and realize, how this country came into being? Who made it for us? How and why did they make it?

This 14th August comes alongside the holy month of Ramadan and in 1947 also it was Independence Day and Ramadan. History repeats itself and we have to repeat the sacrifice.

We should celebrate this 14th August with a great sense of sacrifice, helping our countrymen and our troops in the war and whatever why we can, including in relief efforts.

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  1. This deemed condition of our country is also because of our corrupt judiciary.At present people in Pakistan think that judiciary is independent but i feel that now judiciary in Pakistan is in most miserable condition.The present Chief justice is just making fool to the public.


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