Security parameters

The increased distress between Pakistani Taliban and coalition government of Pakistan are alarming the security parameters. On one hand the government states that they would stick to there words regarding the continuation of peace talks with local Taliban for restoration of peace and on the other hand Taliban proclaim that government is not acting according to the negotiated terms of the deal as they have not released a number of their comrades.

The federal and provincial governments must coordinate among themselves for closing the border in order to stop cross border infiltration. This would help in getting rid of Taliban’s influence. For now, these areas need urgent sense of security from inside. This will enable the government to counter outside threats. All the policies made and decisions should be taken with consensus of the local people.

Policies engaging the locals in routine life providing them good job opportunities must be endorsed. The government must now realize that neither they cannot completely rely on deals or accords as a last resort to tackle militancy while dealing with Taliban that are the creation of previous flawed policies nor can security forces stay there for all times. It has to be the mid way, adopting both sound policies with long term implications as well as when show of force is required it should also play its due role in best possible manner.

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