Security forces withdrawal from swat

Some troops have been have been withdrawn from Golibagh, Charbagh, Sherpalam and Gashkor of Swat valley on Sunday, sources said. These areas were also facing trouble by militants. Army officials are exhorting that it was rather relocation and casual sequence of forces.

Some sources suggest that the armed forces withdrawal has been from important positions. Men from army who were accommodated in a hotel had left the place in Golibagh.

Locals have also confirmed movement of security forces in the area. There are reports that security men were having trouble in accessibility of essentials like food in the check posts. It is also said that more forces can also be pulled out in upcoming days.
It was May 21st peace agreement between NWFP government and Maulana Fazlullah was made where it was agreed that the government will withdraw security forces “gradually” but no time frame for complete evacuation of forces was given.

A source asking for anonymity said that the army will have its presence in Swat until the government asks for it. Military is pushing the government to work on its policies, the source said.

Regarding why military was inaction in return for the damage done to the girl’s schools, open killings of innocent civilians, destroying police stations and other government installations even afterwards the peace agreement, it was said that government approval is needed before taking any action.

Pulling out of troops is always a good news as it is a sign of peace being restored but being aware of Swat’s security situation, of course this time it is not that. Rather this time it is linked to Pak-India tensions in aftermath of Mumbai attacks. Due to the dual conduct of world powers it is expected that Pakistan who has already done more than anyone in war against terror will not be able to do more if the world powers will continue with their dual policies in this part of the world.

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  1. Swat its called Switzerland of Pakistan, what happened in swat no one can think, everything is finish there, a regular life of one local person is dead, what our leaders are doing? There are making fun on it??? It’s not a time of politics


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