Secret of success!

Secret of success is hidden in happiness and healthy life. There are five important rules to spend life perfectly:

Self actualization:
It means that you are fully aware of what you are doing. Means that you keep your promises perform duties well and with interest. Most important of all that you shouldn’t compare yourself with the other people. Make some rules for yourself and then stick to those rules but those rules should be the right ones.

Help each other:
Everyone should help others achieve their objective or taking them out of trouble. Someone has widely said that “If you desire prosperity for a year, produce crops but if you desire this for 10 years produce good men and women”.

Don’t loose your heart:
Loosing heart means loosing everything. If someone looses hope, he actually looses one’s destiny and this where the decline of the man starts. So leading perfect life means having hope and strong heart to win the goals.

Don’t neglect your duties:
Think that you always have to pay your duties. This should be done whole-heartedly because when giving the duties, one learns a lot. So neglecting duties mean not willing to learn or neglectful to gain experiences. And if you have no experience, you are far away from perfection.

Keep higher ambition:
When you have higher goals and great destinations to achieve, only then difficult of the courses can be covered. Keeping higher ambitions is the ultimate way to perfection.

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