Search of Microsoft Will be Supported by Yahoo

Yahoo! gets a new year gift from Microsoft, the king of desktop computing. Microsoft’s hurtling towards the one-on-one battle with king of browser computer has gained a very formidable momentum, and the big bang is all set to be witnessed by the small and medium sized fished, who are already finding themselves with gaping mouths to catch whatever splits.

The mega-merger between the Microsoft and Yahoo wouldn’t be a disaster, and it wouldn’t be something which is being watched with fear and despondence, rather it has created a new vigor and new wave of animated discussion in the rather otherwise somewhat stagnant Information Technology industry.

Key to success to this mega-merger will be the integration, though many gurus are saying that Microsoft would only throw the Yahoo technologies (except Search) out of the window, and instead of integrating with the Yahoo technologies, it would introduce or simply replace, or the most easiest solution, it would just discard everything Yahoo.

If MSN replaces the Yahoo, then it would be a great boon for the web surfers, as the cluttered and lame interface coupled with unreliable technologies has damaged Microsoft’s WWW a lot, and it’s the only way to reinvigorate the Search approach of Microsoft.

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