Science And Technology

Among the distinguishing features of the western civilization is certainly the development of science and technology. Without entering into complicated philosophical and historical overview, we can see how in recent centuries, science and technology have affected the economy, the event that more than any other resulted in the change that we are still living. Despite this resounding affirmation, science and technology remain relegated in the category of profit, as well as subjected to a critical lock on the part of philosophers, sociologists, opinion leaders, people of culture.

We should spread the idea of play and adventure that presides over the scientific work. In reports of scientists, when you tell in some book or in any interview that passion, wonder, enthusiasm for having achieved significant results in their discipline are necessary for making a significant discovery. It should give greater prominence and popularity to the scientist, often neglected by the media. It should finally pay more and more, these builders of science and progress.

A progress that sometimes gives the impression of being overly violent and pressing. New scientific discoveries and their practical applications open up new frontiers that sometimes concerns the ordinary citizen. Transplant, transgenic foods, cloning are words that open up new prospects, but also cause eagerness in all of us. But this is modern, challenges continue, to be achieved with confidence, knowing they can count on lights of rationality. And above all, be informed. Here, a scientific culture is not only necessary for the protagonists to participate progress of their community, but also for guidance in a constantly upgrading world.

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