Science and Religion

Religion has been pitted against science in the minds of people for centuries, especially at the time when the Church was establishing its power. The church was on one side and the scientists on the other.

When Charles Darwin came up with the Theory of Evolution scientists of that time accepted it because it was contrary the Church’s beliefs. It is a classic example of ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’: scientists rallied around Darwin’s theory because they had something against the Church.

I would like to mention here something ingenious that Dr. Zakir Naik once said, which is so vivid, clear and so simple that you wonder why it did not strike you in the first place. It is that the Theory of Evolution is merely a theory; it’s not fact. Nowhere is it called the ‘fact’ of evolution – the confirmed and proven fact of evolution. It is only a theory that goes against religion.

Religion may not be a part of science, but science is a part of religion. Anyone who is familiar with the Quran can confirm this. It took the world quite some time to let go of the belief that the Earth was flat, and was instead round. Where can you find this fact? In the Quran! The light of the moon is reflected light, and unborn child, in its first months, resembles a leech. These, and so many more facts, are all found in the Quran. After all, who can know more about the universe than the One who created it?

Science may rebuke religion, but religion confirms the science. If scientists choose to say and theorize things which are against religion because they believe that the universe sprung into being and maintains itself on its own. It does nothing to shake the truth, nor does it detract from the scientific facts they have uncovered.

Thus comes the scenario that a scientist is probing into the work of Allah, but believes that no God exists.

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  1. It is indeed sometimes referred to as the Law of Gravity but more commonly the Theory of Gravity. It does not dispel the fact that scientific theories can be tested and found wanting whereas anyone can invent theories without contradiction as to how our world was formed – and invariably do.

  2. I would like to know from Commoner where exactly in the Koran is it stated that the world is round. Also, the late Pope accepted that there is a lot of merit in the Theory of Evolution and even Dr. Israr Ahmed last year said something similiar (I heard him say this in one of his talks on a local TV channel). By the way, around forty years ago, Pakistani religious scholars used to claim that it was Islam which had first propounded the theory of evolution!

  3. Dear Commoner, it is sad that your account of Charles Darwin is so inacccurate. A quick reading of that period will confirm that the majority of scientists at that time were against Darwin and his ‘theory’. By the way the ‘theory of Gravity’ is also just a ‘theory’ would you dispute this also or will you just drop off the face of the Earth.


  4. . It is a classic example of ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’: scientists rallied around Darwin’s theory because they had something against the Church.

    you explained everything in few sentences= Well Said!!


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