Schooling makes the difference

Schooling greatly affects ones making of the personality. This adds to the style of thinking and the way one does ones jobs.

It is seen that children studying in schools like the beacon house or city school systems are very sharp not just in their studies but in other matters as well. They are seen profoundly different from the other ones as they have a different approach to thinking.

Actually such schools have the different teaching style where much heed is paid over making of the concepts rather than narrating and translating the lesson and then putting to memorize. One very good thing that I saw some days ago that the city school system took the children of the junior section to some bakery where they had to buy eatables and save money keeping in the budget of Rs.25. And this is just a small example, children are also given assignments and other activities that they to do with in the class time. These children are seen to have much more confidence in doing their jobs and accepting challenges.

If the base is good, this will help in future as well. Schooling is the first step to the man’s career.

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