SC Rules for Dogar Case

That can perhaps only happen in Pakistan that the top judge of the apex court is proved of guilty of jacking up the marks of his daughter and then offering bribes to the journalist who broke the story, and then stick to the designation shamelessly and with the equal brazen shamelessness, the government of NRO keeps supporting the corrupt judge.

The lame Supreme Court has given its judgment on this case. The judgment said as regards other plea of the learned counsel for the petitioner, it is observed that Article 66 of the Constitution provides for the freedom of speech in Parliament and Committees thereof and also the immunities and privileges of the Parliament and its Members including the power to punish for contempt by making a law which may empower a Court to punish a person who refuses to give evidence or produce documents.

The important NRO-oed part of this decision is as follows:

Article 68 of the Constitution also states that no discussion shall take place in the Parliament with respect to the conduct of a Judge of the Supreme Court or a High Court in discharge of his duties.

Why the fuss? Let’s live in the land of pure corruption.

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  1. start counting shamless and u will reach 160 million including myself. The national character is tarnished. Its the looters paradise. Whoever can grabs whatever and runs away. Never heard of anyone being caught. Leaders and elite need security only around them. They neither see people when commuting nor want to be seen. If such high security is needed wby become a leader in first place since one gets exposed everynow and then. The great musharraf started that being TARGAT mey hon lolz… TARGAT is always the nation. for the leader its life worth living even if they get killed later they enjoy the wealths in exchange of blood of their own people. Wait until everything explodes.


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