Say No Initially

What are we teaching our family, students, friends and colleagues? We’re teaching them that there are no more boundaries. Instant availability, instant access, instant blurring and instant gratification. It’s not possible to meet anybody else’s needs to that extent – we will wear ourselves out, increase stress and erode the ability to care about others. Saying “no” is a fundamental boundary setting exercise if not done appropriately leads to an inability to manage our wants and desires.

If you are not happy with your First Life, you surely wont be in the “Second Life”. Virtuality will never be able to replace reality. So say no initially to every up-coming social networking technology. Let the need demands for itself for a new technology. Don’t let the new technology bog down you.

People seem to be forgetting that “alone time” is important. I can’t stand being always on, although I deeply value the ability to communicate in many ways. I’ve been disabling my net access more of late, which has resulted in more flow in my work. Takes some discipline, though.

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