Say It Quits

A majority of Pakistanis (64%) say that stability and security in Pakistan would get better “if President Musharraf were to resign now,” according to a new poll conducted by GlobeScan for BBC Urdu. One in four (25%) respondents believes that security would get “worse” if he were to resign.

Nearly a third (29%) of respondents regard Pervez Musharraf’s election as President last November as “valid”; while around half (49%) say it is “invalid” (22% did not provide an answer).

Almost two out of three Pakistanis (63%) agree that the “National Assembly should seek to reinstate Iftikhar Chaudhry as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court” following the general election, while 19 percent of respondents say the Assembly should not seek Chaudhry’s reinstatement.

The above findings are of BBC GlobeSpan and this has promptly been rejected by the government. I wonder about the train of thoughts of President Musharraf. Do he seriously believes still that people of Pakistan want him to stay?

The best course of action and the only way out for him this time is to hold free and fair elections, and he should let go of lotas and PML-Q. He should just quit and say it quits, and give way to the democratic forces in the country.

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  1. Unfortunately if a man is surrounded by sycophants, and they tell him what is not true, he beleives them. If they tell him the people want him to go, they lose their jobs. He probably believes that these opinion polls are financed by his foes.


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