Save Yourself From Info Chaos

Nowadays where there is information everywhere, mountains and mountains of information, it is extremely hard to save oneself from boggling down and making sense out of this information chaos.

The mass-spread of print media of myriad kinds plus the gigantic and gargantuan increase in electronic information has added to this rapidly increasing information chaos.

Mass volume of information isn’t doing all good for people. They haven’t become more intelligent and informed. All the time, they just collect information, sift through it and get lost in the oceans of it. They don’t seem to be all that good at making sense out of this chaos. They take notes on the topic, then never go over them, or lose them in the shuffle of life. People seem to
rarely understand that sense making is a skill like language or anything. You can be good or bad at it, and the level of skill makes a huge difference.

So limit yourself in order to make sense. Become abstract and very selective. Filter out the details and first just focus on the gist, and then sought out information according to your requirements. First try to learn the basics, then the inevitable details and then the value added features which are directly pertinent to your domain. Then upon the emergence of any future requirement learn more. Yes, in your spare time, you can always make yourself just acquainted with new things, as you could learn them in future, when the need arises.

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