Save Life

Life is sour and the life is sweet. Life is cherubic and the life is bitter. It consists of dizzying heights and it consists of choking chasms. For the very very select few, life mainly remains bed of roses, but for the rest of us, it’s more thorny than it’s velvet.

Life is not easy for sure. Lots of problems, setbacks, disappointments and failures come in the way, and success only comes the hard way and that too comes sparingly. Life is full of miseries and sufferings and its all about losing more and winning less. So what should one do? Ruin his life and leave behind aggrieved and shattered loves ones to mourn, or run away from it like cowards?

The hard but noble way is to fight your way out of the problems and always keep the candle fo hope alighted. The escape from life is not possible, and it’s a futile and temporary refuge. People more than often, take this temporary and even more fatal respite in drugs. One experience hallucinations and it appears as if the wonder substance can take one to an ultimate heaven, and people on the peril of life, oblivious to the enormity of the threat to their health, start taking drugs.

During desperations, frustrations, tensions, and hopelessness, one must follow the mind instead of heart. It should never be forgotten that your actions not only have a direct a consequence on your ow self, but they also affect the people who love you.

It’s highly alarming that in Pakistan, the number of drug addicts is rising rapidly. Due to the unemployment, poverty, lawlessness, corruption, police-attitude, price hike , and other social evils, coupled with the uncertainty at the political level, aggravated by the suicide bombings, bomb blasts, its not surprise that people are suffering from frustrations, and they want a respite very badly. But drugs is no solution.

Solution lies in the will power. We should rise to the occasion, and fight for our rights. Using drugs will take us nowhere, rather will vanish our existence. One should realize and remember that in the end, all these things will give one nothing but more problems and worries, exactly what one was trying to avoid in the first place.

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