Sanity Must Prevail

The chief of global police agency Interpol met Indian officials Saturday and pledged assistance in a probe into last month’s attacks in Mumbai by gunmen whom India allegedly links to Pakistan. Ronald Noble met Home Minister P. Chidambaram and promised help in securing details of the 10 gunmen who attacked two luxury hotels, a rail station and a Jewish cultural centre on 26 November in Mumbai.

While the world is getting trapped by the hysterical propaganda of Indian media and Indian government, the Pakistani leadership is just spending the empty rhetoric and is satisfied with the statements. President Asif Ali Zardari has said that securing nation is our top priority therefore no leniency on national security would be allowed. But he didn’t tell that as what steps he has taken to ensure that.

The attacks on India’s financial capital left 172 dead, including nine of the gunmen. One of the attackers was caught and is in police custody. And that attacker is the key to this whole bloody saga. Interpol should play a neutral role and if he is really a culprit then he should be punished and he should be treated with ruthlessness.

But India should not point fingers at Pakistan without any proof and world should also come to the sanity.

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