Sania Mirza’s Unofficial Blog

Love is in the air this summer, and it’s sure to make her shine on the courts where the lavish beauty of Sania Mirza innocently ignites the passion of billions of young and not-so-young hearts simultaneously. The Un-official blog of Sania Mirza is fast becoming the joint for the Sania Mirza’s fans, the world over.

Sania Mirza is not only the pride of India; it’s the pride of Asia. Her lawn tennis skills are at one side, she basically warms the hearts of billions in the region, and her beautiful looks, her sparkling gestures, and her ravishing postures just tell those stories which could only be told in the fairylands full of roses and rainbow clouds.

Sania Mirza, Daughter of tennis player Imran Mirza is the top most female Indian tennis player, Sania was born on November 15, 1986 in Mumbai, and however she was brought up in the city of Hyderabad. She won the WTA singles title in the year 2005 against Alyona Bondarenko of Ukraine, and is the only Indian woman to do so. Sania Mirza, the beautiful, received the Arjuna Award in 2004 by the Indian government. She got name and fame after completed the tennis game with Serena Williams in Australian Open.

Sania Mirza is not just an Indian tennis goddess, she is more than that. According to recent ratings, she is even more popular than the Bollywood charming beauty, Aishwaryia Rai, and she is even more liked by the stunning and gorgeous Rani Mukherjee. Her every move is watched, and her every style is copied. Her every scandal just made the headlines within no time, and people hang on to her every word.

She has earned this place naturally through her sexy, hot looks and by her short clothes, but her superb and treat-to-watch tennis game has also contributed a lot in her universal fame. If you are true and diehard Sania Mirza fan, then this Sania Mirza’s Unofficial Blog owes you one visit every day.

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