Same Old Survival Game

Musharraf is the driving force behind every crisis in Pakistan, and the economic melt down in the country, which we are witnessing today is due to this coup maker. He has spent more than eight years in Pakistan, and now just for his rule he has become ready to work with the political leaders, who were his number one enemies of the recent past.

When Asif Ali Zardari, upon the pressure from PML-N and the people, “requested” Musharraf to step down or consider o other options, then Musharraf said “Make My Day”, that means that Musharraf is ready to dissolve the assembly, and he is just waiting for the appropriate chance, or perhaps he is giving the time to the Asif Ali Zardari to earn his National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Political leaders should be obsessive with the dictatorship. They need to change systems but systems are represented by the personalities. The personality which is sitting in the President House has destroyed all the institutions, and if this government wants to survive, it has to oust Musharraf.

Its once again the rudimentary survival of the fittest.

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