Sad Society

Sorry state of affairs has gripped the country after the proclamation of the state of emergency throughout Pakistan. The way in which state machinery is being used to mistreat the Supreme Court and High Court judges who have refused to take oath under the Provincial Constitution Order (PCO), and with the lawyers, and with the members of civil society, is very sad.

After refusing to accept emergency and PCO, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, other seven judges of Supreme Court, and near sixty judges of Lahore High Court, Sindh High Court and Sarhad High Court, have become the symbol of struggle for independence of judiciary. They have also become a symbol of a life for the creation of civilized society in Pakistan, and the whole of nation salutes them.

Lawyers threw flowers on the sealed court rooms of these judges, while Police beat the hell out of them. In all the cities of Pakistan, Police is beating, slapping, dragging, abusing and arresting the lawyers. Political workers are also under the curse of Police. In Karachi and Quetta many cameramen have been tortured and their cameras have been thrashed. Many journalists have been arrested and have been shifted to unknown places. In Lahore, many journalists have been beaten and arrested. Jang Press was attacked and was toppled. Private T.V channels have already been blocked in the fatherland with the help of spineless cable operators.

President of Supreme Court Bar Association Chaudhary Aitezaz Ahsan has been arrested and now he is in confinement and nobody can meet him. General Retd. Hamid Gul is also under arrest. PML-N’s president Javed Hashmi is once again at home, that is in the jail. He has been severely dragged in the Adyala Jail. Former female judge of Lahore High Court Begum Fakh-ur-Nisa is in Meo Hospital after getting spanked brutally by Police yesterday.

Government will do well by revoking the emergency and PCO, and by resuming the private channels, and releasing the lawyers and political workers, and also reinstating the judges, government will save Pakistan humiliation and misery.

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  1. poor jinnah did he ever envisage pakistan at the mercy of a demented drama queens like benazir and an egoistic army man whi is at worst a dictator ,a demeaning man with little to redeem him but still better then the bhutto woman

    no doubt


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